Canadian Marshals Security Services

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Our Mission at Canadian Marshals is to protect & Secure our clients in the community, to predict & prevent incidents before anything Occurs

Office Professionals keeping you up to date on all Occurances, Patrol & Incident Reports, Notifying you of any Concerns that we may Spot out and informing you of the actions that we can take.
Office management
Team of Professionals
With Over 25 years of Experience in Protection, a lifetime of Martial Arts Expertise & a Military Background, Mr. Jovanovic delivers only the Best Operations Techniques to the Clients' through Canadian Marshals.
Dragan Jovanovic
K-9 Units, Handler and Dog Teams Training Together on a Consistant Basis to Keep, Tested Regularly to Ensure We Provide Only the Best Performance Possible.
K-9 division
Certified & Validated Canines

Personal Protection

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High Profile Events

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We Work with the Community, Law Enforcement a Variety of Security Professionals

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